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CWO Annual Gathering 2019
Saturday 5 October 2019
The Priory Rooms
Quaker Meeting House
40 Bull Street
B4 6AF

Our speaker will be Ally Kateusz

Proposed timetable
10.30 welcome/registration
11.00 CWO AGM
1.00pm lunch (provided)
1.50 speaker & discussion 
4.00 closing liturgy

Whatever Happened to Vatican II
Many Roman Catholics were filled with hope fifty years ago because of the mood of the council and the proposals made. This optimism has dissolved in the 50 years since then.

In 2012, CWO is making a special study of the Council. We encourage people to rediscover the spirit of Vatican II with us.

Our first national meeting was in London on Saturday, 12 May. Facilitated by Kathy Walsh, we prayed and reflected and discussed together what we might do differently. These are some of the ideas:

  • Transmit the best of the tradition
  • Talk to one other person about these ideas
  • Start a consciousness raising process in our parish
  • Use social media more effectively
  • Have solidarity with WATCH and those working for women bishops in the Church of England
  • Listen to those disturbed by the ordinariate
  • Issue a CWO statement in support of Irish and Austrian priests – prayer for solidarity with (silent) silenced priests in UK (see home page banner)

Our second national meeting was in Leeds on 27 October entitled “Receiving Vatican II and us”. Inspired by two excellent speakers, Fr Kevin Kelly and Sr Catherine Houlihan (see video) we developed the following prayers.

We offer our thanks for the opportunity to share our priesthood, concerns, pain and hope for the future.
We pray for courage and perseverance for ourselves and for others.
Help us to recognise the pain in those who may not share our views.
May we be Christ-like in our approach.
We offer our prayer in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, our prophet and brother.

We pray that all the people of God: women and men, lay people and clergy, enabled by silent contemplation, will listen with mind and heart and be led to compassionate and loving action.

The Church in which God delights is something in which we should dream.
May it be a community where people discover God’s delight in them
May it be a place where everyone’s experience forms a theological library
May the church include each one of us and be where we can contribute, to use our vision for the fulfilment of others
God gave each of us gifts; let us use them to bring about the future of the Church. Amen

Holy Spirit, we believe you are continuing the work of Vatican II here and now in us. Help us to witness and proclaim the signs of hope.

Holy Spirit, take us forward; help us to remain optimistic, knowing that unless the seed dies, your resurrection hope cannot blossom.

Around the country, people are joining in small groups to look at these issues. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of such a group and we will let you know if there are like minded people in your area. Email

Here are PDF documents which may help you in your discussions: 

Notes on Vatican II 
These are written by Myra Poole to be read in conjunction with her paper below. These notes have been drawn up as a point of reference for people to work from.
Click here.

Guests in their own House
A paper given by Myra Poole at the launch of Stand up for Vatican II  in 2010.   
Click here.

The Reception of Doctrine and the Sensus Fidei/Fidelium
A briefing paper from St Joan’s Alliance.  
Click here.

The Vatican’s Tahrir Square
Fr Kevin T. Kelly retired parish priest.   
Click here.  

Pope’s Visit…
Click here to download a PDF edition of the Pope’s Visit

Local Groups
Groups meet regularly in Leeds, London, Merseyside and South/West Wales.  We can help you set up a group in your area. email:

Join our vigils in Westminster Cathedral under the 8th station and outside on the piazza. Hear Lala talk about CWO liturgy.

Click here to see our twentieth Anniversary vigil.

Talk to people in your place of worship.

Attend the next CWO Annual Gathering.
CWO’s National Committee has been in written communication with our bishops about restoration of the deaconate for women as in the early days of the church.