Womens Ordination Worldwide – ecumenical network of national and international groups whose primary mission at this time is the admission of Roman Catholic women to all ordained ministries.

Housetop – international site looking at theological aspects of the women’s ordination issue. You can sign up for their regular newsletter.  

Women, Word, Spirit (formerly Catholic Women’s Network)  

We are Church UK  

Women and the Church (WATCH) campaigns to see women take their place alongside men as bishops and at every level in the Church of England  

GRAS Group for Rescinding the Act of Synod and the promotion of the ordination of women to the Episcopate  

Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC) USA  

Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE) Canada

Catholics for Ministry (Australia)  

Femmes et Hommes en Eglise (FHE) France  

Maria von Magdala Germany  

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) Ireland  

Roman Catholic Women Priests (USA and Canada) This site features the history of the ordinations within this program, prayers and liturgies, a photo gallery, and a news section. The site is written in English.  

Roman Catholic Women Priests (formerly Danube Ordination Group) This site documents each communication between the Vatican and the seven women ordained on the Danube River on June 29, 2002. Although most of the site is in German, there are portions in English.

Spiritus Christi Catholic Community in Rochester, NY, USA  

Call to Action USA  

Corpus USA  

Advent – support men and women and their partners who have left the active ministry, or religious life; they work for change in the Church and its ministry.

St Mary’s Community in Exile