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Our site is dedicated to the campaign for the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church. Many are curious about the subject and we offer a site rich in interesting material…

Welcome to Catholic Women’s Ordination

CWO began in March 1993 as a national (UK) group of women and men who care deeply about the Roman Catholic Church. We want to be a part of building a church community that truly lives the justice demanded by Jesus; a justice which demands that women be equal with men.

Women equal with men means not only that women have the opportunity to fulfil their own vocation, but also that the Church community benefits from their experience and their strengths in the ministerial priesthood.

We are a forum to examine, challenge and develop the current understanding of priesthood. We aim to achieve the ordination of women to a renewed priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis’s remarks about 1994 apostolic declaration ‘On Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men Alone’: Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’ 

As the Year of Mercy comes to an end what an unfortunate remark for the Pope to make. In spite of all the good he has done he clearly has a very dangerous, untheological blind spot.

The 1994 apostolic declaration introduced a new theological category – ‘definitive’- without any consultation with Bishops and none of course with the majority of the church, the laity. This directive is now known as the ‘Dubious Dubium’ and one day will have to be revoked, if the Catholic Church is ever to have real credibility as a Christian, Christ filled Church.
Moreover the damage of this blind spot carries with it a tremendous responsibility on being a primary cause of the terrible violence and poverty that many women suffer on a daily basis; they are seen as second class and inferior to men.

Erroneous teachings in any church are highly dangerous as they tend to influence young, unformed minds, and are hard to shake off in adult life. This leads to a twisted formation of conscience and reducing people to a lesser understanding of their own personal dignity and a fear of an overarching demanding God rather than the true nature of the Goodness of God.  

‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’, (John 10:10). Male, female, lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, and questioning are all called by God. All are equal.

Awakening OFC

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By Myra Poole & Pippa Bonner

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Press Release…

Una Kroll, Doctor, Priest and Campaigner
The death of Una Kroll was announced on 6th January. She was a friend and supporter of Catholic Women’s Ordination. A few years ago Una became a Roman Catholic and told us she was supporting our organisation: praying and campaigning for women’s priestly ordination in a renewed and reformed Catholic Church. We valued her support and were particularly moved when she told us she would not preside at a Eucharist again as a former Church of England priest until Roman Catholic women could become priests too.
Thank you Una for your prayers, love and support.
Pippa Bonner

CWO Mission Statement

Working for the full inclusion of women into ordained ministry within a renewed Roman Catholic Church
We support one another in prayer, shared ministry and an annual CWO retreat
We commit to demonstrating that the exclusion of women from ordination in the Roman Catholic Church reinforces the oppression and poverty of women and girls around the world
We accept diversity within our group and welcome all who share our aims
We respect different approaches to theological issues
We walk together with people of faith to support women’s inclusion in their varied ministries
We work with other groups campaigning for women’s ordination within the Roman Catholic Church as part of WOW (Women’s Ordination Worldwide)
We commit to working with other groups with similar aims
We engage with all branches of the media in connection with our campaign

Women’s Ordination Worldwide (WOW)


WOW is an international group of which CWO is a member. Groups from all over the world are involved in conference planning, letter writing campaigns and public action. Please donate to help the work of this organisation and sign up for WOW e-newsletter to stay informed.

The first WOW conference was held in Dublin in 2001 and the second in Ottawa in 2005, the third has just taken place in Philadelphia. You can read about it here

There is also an archive of WOW material on the Housetop site here www.womenpriests.org/wow/

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